playing with hair

Big Hair
Wishing I was there too.


What’s our favorite part about Comic-Con?

Costumes costumes costumes! 

Check out our gallery of pics from Wednesday to see excited fans all dressed up before Comic-Con even officially got started.


Thank goodness we’ve got this weirdo Bane mask covering up Tom Hardy’s face in this new The Dark Knight Rises poster (via Fandango).
I mean, it’s not like Tom Hardy is attractive or anything.
Want to know where to get the poster? Nope, not Comic-Con — good guess, though. The answer is midnight IMAX showings!

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Need inspiration for going short?

Exclusive Empire cover
just saw this a week ago and still LMAO everytime!

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Man of Style: Jeremy Renner

This week in EW: It’s Avengin’ time! We did an exclusive Q&A with Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo; see video from our roundtable at PopWatch, and get the whole scoop in the magazine.
Rooney Mara
shiny black bangs
Man of Style: Mathew Lewis
love the black on black
Man of Style: Michael Pitt
Love, love his hair and his character on “Boardwalk Empire,” he’ll be missed since he was killed off.  Hopefully I’ll see him again!